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Basement Moisture Control

Experiencing Basement Moisture or Humidity Issues?

Is the quality or humidity of the air you are breathing in your building negatively impacting your health? PA Basement Waterproofing is pleased to provide an array of basement air filtration and air purification services. We work efficiently to give our customers effective and lasting results. Breathe easy once more by contacting the licensed and insured pros at PA Basement Waterproofing to discuss moisture control and home air filtration today.

Indoor air, especially in the basement, can become stale and contaminated, especially if you have extenuating factors such as high humidity or past mold issues. Without effective air filtration and circulation, contaminants can build up, leading to respiratory and other health issues. Installing a basement moisture control system in a home can be the key to ridding your home of those unpleasant substances and enjoying your improved air quality.

In addition to moisture control, PA Basement Waterproofing installs home air filtration systems that remove the following contaminants:

  • Pet dander
  • Excessive Moisture
  • Dust
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Pollen

We use whole-house air exchangers that create pure air filtration. Six to ten times a day, your new air filtration system will transfer dry air from upstairs into areas that tend to suffer more from moist, contaminant-filled air, such as your basement. You can trust that we only install the best-quality air filtration systems on the market, and that we’ll carry out the installation process to ensure the best results for your home.

Air Purification Systems 

In cases where someone in the building has health issues such as asthma or is susceptible to respiratory problems, a basic air filtration system might not be enough to address all of your air quality concerns. PA Basement Waterproofing can install air purification components that clean the air by eliminating even the smallest particles that an air filter system might miss. If you are interested in air purifiers for your building, contact us now to schedule your free air purification and air filtration estimate!

Basement Dehumifier Systems

If you experience regular basement moisture, a high quality dehumidifier will prevent many of the risk factors associated with a damp basement. Our dehumidifiers are commercial grade, and are guaranteed to perform well beyond the level of what you can find in a store. 

To learn more about our basement moisture control systems, contact our team today through the contact form or call us at 800.511.6579.