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Crawl Space Waterproofing, Sealing, Venting and Conversions

Worreid About Your Wet, Humid Crawl Space?

Your instincts are right. Problems in your crawlspace can have a devastating effect on your home and on your health, especially when it comes to crawlspace moisture. Excess moisture seeping up from the ground or trickling in from outside can lead to a host of unpleasant, unhealthy, and unsafe side effects.

Luckily, a crawl space encapsulation company can be a great way to fight back and protect yourself and your property. Throughout Pennsylvania, you can count on PA Basement Waterproofing for expert crawlspace sealing, dig outs, and encapsulation. Our methods get rid of water in a crawl space quickly and effectively.

Why Close or Encapsulate a Crawl Space?

There has been a great deal of debate on whether to vent or close a crawlspace. Vented crawlspaces worked great until the invention of air conditioning. When a family cools their home to 72° during the summer and the air outside is 85° with 80% relative humidity, it creates condensation on the floor joist, the insulation and the pipes and ducts. No amount of ventilation will solve the problem at this point. This constant condensation during the summer months causes wood rot, mold, and attracts all types of insects, including termites.
Closing a crawlspace (which includes sealing the vents, insulating the walls, creating a vapor barrier and conditioning the air in the crawlspace) is now the standard for LEED homes and NAHB Green homes.

Where Does Crawl Space Moisture Originate?

  • Outside Air - warm, moisture-saturated air brought into the cooler crawl space from open vents can become a major source of excessive moisture in the crawl space. Why? When warm, moist air cools in the crawl space, it no longer has the ability to hold as much moisture. When this very wet air touches a cooler surface, the water vapor condenses (dew point) and water forms on those surfaces.
  • The Ground - poor drainage in the crawl space can be the main source of moisture. This can be easily seen in some of the more obvious cases. Pooled water in the crawl space or poor drainage add to the crawl space moisture problem from saturated soil caused by poor drainage.
  • The Foundation - below grade foundations may not have properly designed drainage. This can be seen in moist cinder blocks or concrete foundation walls. The moisture from the saturated foundation adds to the crawl space moisture level. 

Crawlspace Conversions/ Dig Out:

Turn Your Crawlspace Into a Full Basement?

A Crawl space conversion, also known as a “dig out” can literally transform your cramped, musty old crawlspace into a basement. As home owners with a crawl space known, they aren’t very useful when it comes to storage space. And, they attract mold, mildew, water problems and, quite often, rodents and wild life. Plus, homes with crawl spaces sell for less than those with basement.

What are the Benefits of a Crawl Space Conversion?

  • Vastly Increased Storage space
  • Increased Home Value (and Re-Sale Value)
  • Dramatically Increases Living Space
  • May decrease Energy Costs*

What is a Crawl Space Conversion or Dig Out?

A conversion, or dig out, is the process of digging out the area beneath your home where your crawlspace is. We dig the area to a depth of 7 – 9 feet, or the size of a full basement and can provide access to an outside entrance with pre-fab doors, like Bilco, etc. A concrete or cement floor and walls are put in place, giving you a solid foundation and fresh, dry basement.

Increased Storage Space

One of the biggest advantages of a crawl space conversion is the vastly increased space available for storage. As any home owner with a crawl space can tell you, they are not so great for storage. Converting to a basement gives you much more space to store your valued possessions…and you can do it in a dry environment, free of the fear of water damages.

Adding a Basement Increases Home Value

Digging out your crawlspace and turning into a basement is a sure-fire way to dramatically increase the value of your house. Homes with basements sell for more. They offer more storage and living space and, in general, less water issues than crawl spaces. When you convert your crawl space, you are essentially adding a new floor to your home…without the extreme expense of putting on an addition.

Dig Outs Provide More Living Space and Better Energy Usage

Imagine if you could snap you fingers and magically add an entire floor to your home. Rather than just adding a plain basement, many people use their crawlspace dig outs to convert to a functional, multi-room floor on their home! They add a basement but also add a bathroom, kitchen, living room, bar, home office, etc to that new basement. This again raises home value, adds to the beauty and functionality of your home, and makes it much more attractive to potential buyers. Plus, a new, waterproofed and energy-efficient basement cuts down on the energy waste caused by crawl spaces, saving you money on your energy bills plus helping the environment.

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