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Basement Crack Repair

Basement Wall Crack Repair - Do It Yourself or Call a Crack Repair Company?

If you have basement or foundation wall cracks, it’s important to have a basement crack inspected to determine whether the crack is superficial or structural. The ways of fixing basement wall cracks depend on the cause and severity of the crack, and can vary from basic crack repairs by injection to more complex and costly foundation repairs. Because basement wall cracks can sometimes be a sign of structural issues, do not attempt basement crack repair yourself (DIY) without first speaking to a basement crack repair expert.

Basement Foundation Crack Injection

If the crack is not structural, crack injection is a low cost and effective way to fix leaking basement wall cracks in a poured concrete foundation. For these projects, we inject the crack with a long-lasting epoxy made out of polyurethane resin that seals the basement wall cracks all the way through. 

Structural or Masonry Foundation Crack Repair

Masonry (block) walls and poured concrete walls that show signs of settling or moving are not appropriate for crack injection. Cracks in basement foundations can often be warning signs of more complex structural issues, which sometimes require wall supports or external foundation repair. For information about our process for structural foundation repair and fixing cracks in block walls, see our foundation repair page.

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