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Review by Albert & wanda D.
Project: Foundation or Basement - Waterproofing
Comments: They were very professional, Very honest, I would use them again.

Review by Natasha S. in Harrisburg, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: Jim was prompt and informative. He answered all of our questions and then some. On the day the work was done, the contractors showed up on time and finished even earlier than they expected and they cleaned up after themselves very well. I would recommend them to anyone.

Review by Tony S. in Norristown, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: The guys were very polite, kept the dirt and dust to a minumum. Also placed tarps down to prevent tracking through our home. Were very fast and had the job completed in less than a day.

Review by a Homeowner in Williamsport, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: The guys had a large crew, which at first I thought would be overwhelming. Once they started, I was pretty impressed. They were very efficient and finished in no time! Jim, the Foreman, was nice as well (very easy to talk to). I have not had a lot of rainfall recently to test the new system, but I have also not had any leaks so I am happy. The only thing I would change was I would request the crew replace the covers to my baseboard heaters once they were done. I have a lot of covers laying on the basement floor that I need to figure out where they go and how they are put back into place.

Review by Greg L. in Morrisville, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: From start to finish, they were proffessional, courteous and did exactly what they said they would do. I could not be happier with there service.

Review by Daniel L. in Lansdale, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: They pre-coordinated everything. I moved everything away from the walls. They arrived on time. Covered all paths from the basement to the outside with tarp to preclude mud or dirt on floors. They worked the outside issues with leakage, as well as accomplished what they said they would in the basement. They covered things in the basement to preclude dust and dirt. They were out and done by Noon. I have had a dry basement ever since. Given that I had several floods prior, and a number of leaks, etc. during storms, this last year the basement has been dry, even though we have had several storms and Nor'easters that dumped a lot of rain.

Review by a Homeowner in New Kingstown, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: PA Basement Waterproofing re-pointed our stone foundation. We were very happy with their service. At the end of our project, the contractors took care to clean up and leave everything as it was found. I have already suggested their services to friends and family!

Review by a Homeowner in Glenside, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: Very hard workers, finished the job in one day, cleaned up, very efficient. When we had an issue they came down the next day to resolve it.

Review by a Homeowner in Wellsboro, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: The owner of the company came out to give us a quote & explained everything that would be done to fix the problem with the water leaking through the basement walls. The crew even arrived early the day they were scheduled to start the work & was totally done in six hours. They put up plastic or tarps to keep the dust down with an exhaust fan to blow the dust outside while they worked then after they were all finished they used a hepa filter fan to capture dust still in the air. They worked hard, efficient, answered any questions we had while working, & even swept the floors throughout the basement when they left. Very professional company.

Review by Chester G. in Waterfall, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: Quick and professional. Explained what would be done and did it in a timely fashion

Review by a Homeowner in Macungie, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: PA Basement waterproofing were very professional and knew their job. They offered a sound solution to our problems at a reasonable price.

Review by a Homeowner in Manchester, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: Returned my phone calls promptly. Office and service staff all very pleasant. Owner dropped in during the day to check the status of work being completed. Overall, very pleased.

Review by Lori S. in Lancaster, PA
Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold
Comments: The workers were prompt and efficient. There was little to no inconvenience to our familiy. After 10 inches of rain in two days, we are pleased to report that are basement is 100% dry (unlike our neighbors).


Review by a Homeowner in Slatington, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: Hard working crew. Very efficient. Cleaned up well. Highly recommended


Review by a Homeowner in Huntingdon, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: They did an excellent job of mold removal as well


Review by Barb G. in Blairsville, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: They contacted and made the appointment right away and it was a free estimate they were very detailed and answered all of our questions we were under a strict time frame for the sell of the home and needed the work done right away they even came back and met with the buyer and explain the process to them I am the realtor for the seller in this process and could not be happier the home has now been sold and the warranty was transferred to the new buyer and no cost to transfer warranty


Review by Eric G. in Reading, PA
Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold
Comments: These guys are good men. Not pushy salesmen that don't try and sell you everything under the sun. They worked and gave me a great price. Believe me I looked around. They did great work. Our basement is free of mold now and is safe. Honestly, one of the best companies out there. Some of the people I had come to my house were terrible, unprofessional, or pushy. These guys have high morals and standards and they worked quickly and efficiently. They were also on time.


Review by a Homeowner in Middletown, PA
Project: Test for Toxic Materials & Mold
Comments: They did a great job on my basement. They removed the paneling from the walls, removed the mold, and then waterproofed. They were awesome!


Review by Barbara K. in Rebersburg, PA
Project: Waterproof a Basement or Foundation
Comments: The first crew arrived at 5:45 a.m. They jack-hammered and used picks and shovels to dig out basement perimeter of my 118 year old house. We found a dump site for debris. They dug outside the foundation and installed perforated drain pipe. The job took 2 days, and is it ever nice and dry in the basement !


Review by Fred K. in GETTYSBURG, PA
Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold
Comments: They were fast, efficient and professional. In 2 days time our problem was resolved.


Review by Robin K. in Lewistown, PA
Project: Waterproof Inspection / Certification Service
Comments: I do most of my own home renovations because I'm very particular about how work is done in my home. However this job was out of my realm so I hired PA Basement Waterfroofing to do it. I initially thought the estimate was high, but compared to the 3 other estimates they were next to the lowest. Also they had extra work to do in my case. I choose them because I liked the materials they used, the positive reviews, their warranty and the reasonable price. I never go with bids that are too low or too high. Dave, the sales technician, explained everything in detail and patiently answered the multitude of questions I asked. The crew that did the work was very efficient and professional. The lead worker explained in detail what they would be doing. My basement is unfinished, but the stuff I have there was covered in plastic and they ran an exhaust fan to minimize dust in the house. Considering they had to hammer through 6" of concrete in 3/4 of my basement I was surprised by the little bit of dust it made. It took them a day and a couple hours the next day to finish, but that was due to all the concrete they had to haul back with them because there was local site for them to dump. I watched them in various stages of their work and it was done as promised. No shortcuts that I saw. Their finish concrete work was good and they swept up the basement and left no debris for me to dispose of. At this point I would recommend PA Basement Waterproofing.


Review by: Linda N. in Cogan Station, PA
Project: Waterproof Inspection / Certification Service
Comments: I contacted the top 3 recommended contractors, and as far as I'm concerned PA Basement Waterproofing, Inc. should be #1. The salesperson/inspector who initially came to my home did a thorough, lengthy inspection of my entire basement--moving tables and shelving away from the walls. He spent a considerable amount of time taking measurements, explaining the necessary repairs, contract, warranty and brought samples of materials to be used. When the crew arrived to do the work, they were very courteous, professional and efficient. We were impressed by how quickly and professionally they made the necessary repairs. They drilled out nearly the entire perimeter of our basement, installed a French drain, 2 sump pumps and wall staples. Compared to the #1 & #3 contractor, they were very cost competitive, as they did much more for the same $$$ as the competitors & provided a better warranty. We had a lot of rain this summer & the system is working as it should. Just because someone is listed as #1 contractor, it doesn't always mean they do quality work. If businesses get a lot of complaints against them, they can change their name & pass ownership onto a family member. We're overall very satisfied with PA Basement. They went above & beyond what was expected of them. Thank you.


Review by: Holly M. in Carlisle, PA

Project: Eliminate Toxic Materials or Mold

Comments: The people that did my project were very professional .I'm very happy with the work they did & they cleaned up after job was done.


"I am writing this letter in regards to the waterproofing and mold remediation services you recently performed on our home. And, to commend your crew on a job well done. The team arrived early and started on time. They worked quickly and efficiently, and remained completely on-task throughout the entire process. Thanks to their efforts, a job that was estimated to take two-three days to complete, was completed in a single day. I'm very pleased with the results of the work. And, despite having several large rain storms this week, we haven't seen a drop of water in the basement.

I would gladly recommend your firm to others who are in need of waterproofing services.

Thank you."

-Joshua Guise, Middletown, PA  

"In the winter of 2008 I discovered water in the dirt crawl space of my home which was close to reaching a level that would have affected my furnace. I contacted PA Basement Waterproofing, Inc. Jim Horton came out to my home and explained in great detail exactly what PA Basement Waterproofing would do and the materials that would be used to correct this problem. 

The very next week a team of gentlemen arrived at 6:30 am and got right to work. The only thing they asked of me was to plug in an extension cord inside my home as I have no outside receptacle. By 11:00 the foreman was requesting that I come see the work they had done. Much to my delight they had completed the whole job and water was running out of the drain from the crawl space of my home just as Jim had said it would. These guys were so professional they would not even walk across my porch in their muddy boots one of the guys actually crawled on his hands and knees to retrieve their extension cord.

It has been almost a year since PA Basement Waterproofing was at my home and my crawl space is still water/damp free.

I would highly recommend PA Basement Waterproofing to anyone. Thanks guys for a job well done." 

-Tina Hall, McConnellsburg, PA  

"When we contacted Pa Basement Waterproofing, they sent out their chief inspector on a Saturday morning and he gave us a quote and explained thoroughly what our mold problem was from, a crawl space to the first floor of our mountain home. We hired them, we knew they were very professional from the conversation. They remediated our problem in a few weeks.

 We would recommend them highly, they did the job plus."

-Jack L, Albrightsville, PA


" We had a buckling wall and 2 other walls with severe cracks, water seepage and poor footers. They took care of all these problems and did some work outside to prevent further problems.

The clean up was excellent and customer service was great"

I would recommend them to anyone who needs there services.

-Jeand R, Williamsport, PA


" We appreciate the care that was taken to solve our basement problems.

Both of the owners provided personal customer service"

-Wendy C, Red Lion, PA